Coupon Groups!

While I was working I formed a coupon group. You only have to pay on paper but you can get multiple coupons for things you want from the other people in the group.

The group I was a part of there were five of us. That turned out to be to many people because you only had one night to go threw the other coupons add yours and move it to the next person. If I was to form a new group I would only have two or three people so you have a couple of days with the envelope.

How we did the group was everyone clipped the coupons and put their initials on the coupons they added. To make sure there was an ample amount of coupons in the envelope you had to replace any coupons you removed with a new coupon. When you got the envelope back you would removed any of the coupons nobody took that have your initials on them. You also removed any coupons that were expired. Make sure the group has a varitey of people with different needs. For example, you aren't going to want a group of people who all have babies and are all looking for the same diaper coupons.

Another thing that was included in the envelope was a list of coupons you are looking for and coupons that you don't want. My husband doesn't follow the don't be brand specific rule of couponing, there is only one brand of body wash and deodorant that he will use. I had those listed of wants. We don't have any pets so We didn't need any pet coupons. Other people in the group had pets so the listed the pet products they needed.