Friday, April 15, 2011

Couponing 101

I've been getting questions about where to start with couponing, Thanks to the Extreme Couponing show on TLC.

To be an effective couponer you need to be very familiar with the coupon policies for the stores that you will be shopping at. Also keep in mind that all policies are subject to change without notice. Kroger has recently changed its coupon policies in the Houston, TX area where they are no longer doubling coupons. I have a feeling with more people trying to be extreme with their coupon usage that more policies will be changing. Make sure you read the small print on the coupon because some coupons are not letting you use identical coupons in the same transaction. The links below go to that stores coupon policy. You can always go the the customer service desk or ask a manager if you don't see the stores you normally shop at for their coupon policy.
Tom Thumb
Market Street

Another major part of being a good couponer is make sure the store has your email and mailing address in their database. Note: I have a second email address that I use for this. The stores will send you store coupons that you can normally stack with manufacturer coupons. The other day Kroger sent me coupons for free salad mix and a box of breakfast bars my boys love. They also have sent me coupons for vegetables. Another coupon is the digital coupon! Kroger has several offers on their website and Tom Thumb uses cellfire. The store does not double or triple the digital coupon and you can't stack it with another manufacture coupon.

Today I was asked where do you find store coupons. is a great place to find manufacture coupons and store coupons. Just about every store has coupons you can print from its website. Some of the stores you might have to go to its sitemap to find the coupons but they are there.

Of course the Sunday paper is normally full of coupons.

When I say stores I mean more than just grocery stores, toys stores, restaurants, and home improvement stores basically anywhere you spend money.

While you are signing up at website make sure you go to the manufacuter's websites too.