Egg hunt and shopping.

This morning we went to a Aquatic Easter Egg Hunt. What is an Aquatic Easter Egg Hunt? Turns out a it is a bunch of plastic eggs filled with toys. Ethan started off having a hard time with the bag but once he figured it out he did great. Preston was to young to participate in the egg hunt. Since we are now members of the FAC we used the fun club for him. When Ethan was getting out of the pool Josh noticed a lady with a sign that had my name on it. The lady told me that Preston was not happy and needed to be picked up. Once we got in there I remembered the biggest reason why I became a stay at home mom. Preston was crying so hard the he was having a hard time breathing and that was how he was every day when I would pick him up from daycare. When he did finally gasp for air he would say momma. My dad had gone into the fun club with me and was shocked to see Preston so upset. We were able to finally get him calmed down to where he was breathing normal after about 15 to 20 minutes.

We decided to head to lunch at my favorite Tex-Mex place Casa Rita's. Once again the food was great!

After the boys naps we put up the bounce house for the kids and were outside all afternoon.

I also had a friend and former coworker stop by with her adorable son and husband. They are going to do some work around our house because Josh and I don't have a clue about plants or landscaping. All of our boys played in the bounce house for a while. I think my friends son was overwhelmed by all of the toys. At one point Josh thought Ethan was being aggressive to the other child and had our boys eat dinner. While I chatted with Katie. Her son didn't want to leave because lets face it other kids toys are so much more fun then your own.

Today I went SHOPPING!!!! I know shocking right? My first stop was at Toys R Us. A couple of weeks ago Crayola had some coupons out for their bubbles, color wonder, and color explosion lines. This week Toys R us had their bubbles on sale buy one get one and the color wonder and explosion buy two get one. So I was able to use my two dollar off the bubbles, one dollar off color wonder, and two dollar off color explosion. While I was looking for the Crayola bubbles I found a bubble machine that I have been looking for. We had it but last year it broke and the boys keep asking for it. The machine wasn't on sale and I didn't have any coupons so *sigh* I paid full price all 24.99. I also picked up a Super Heros version of Chutes and Ladders (It is being stored away for Ethan's birthday) it was on sale for 6.99 and I had a coupon for two dollars off. Then I picked up some little swimmers that were on sale for 1.50 off. Overall, I spent 62.72 and saved 23.48.

Then I headed to Walgreens. Can I say I am really annoyed with the EXTREME Couponers? Seriously do you have to clear the shelves of Easter candy??? Yes I'm all for stock piling but you don't need a twenty years supply of candy that is going to expire in a year!! There are several extreme couponers in my area and I've been running into the problem of the shelves being cleared of one or two of the items that I was looking for but this trip nearly everything that I wanted was gone. Seriously who really needs several cases of gum? The candy annoyed me the most because I used to work at a drug store and the candy that I was looking for normally doesn't sale out or if it does it is the day before the holiday. I ended up spending 13.11 (three of it was for the Sunday newspaper) and saved 10.47.