Eh it Saturday.

This morning Josh let me sleep in because I'm still battling with my allergies. This morning we just messed around inside then wonder outside for a little bit.

We had a birthday party this afternoon. Josh and I were worried about how the boys were going to act because the party was right in the middle of their nap time. When we were buying the present for the birthday girl we got a couple of bribe gifts for the boys.  Nope I'm not above bribing my boys to behave in public. They did a great job. Ethan was the only boy to show up and the girls just loved having him there. It was funny at one point Ethan came and sat with us, and it only took about five seconds for one of the girls to realize Ethan wasn't in the group and she came and got him. Ethan did great keeping his hands to himself and listening. At one point one of the girls was annoying him, Ethan just growled at her. It did the job she left him alone and told her mom that Ethan wasn't being nice.

After the party the boys were exhausted. While Josh was putting them down for a nap, I headed outside to work on the flower beds. Josh came out and told me to go lay down since I sound awful. Before I came inside I explained to Josh what I was doing and why. Basically the flower beds in the front yard haven't really been cleaned out for a very long time, according to Terminix they think the ants are hiding in the flower beds and they can't really get to them because the plants are so over grown. After awhile I went to check on Josh figuring that he should have been done with the task he had actually been working on. Not only did Josh finish the flower bed that I had been working on he took care of the other one as well. He informed me that he really hates bugs. I guess now I know how to motivate him to do yard work. While we were outside I realized that the flowers I got on Friday are no longer going to work in the flower beds that I had originally got them for. They are shade flowers and since the trees are cut back the flower beds are no longer fully shaded. I guess I'm just going to have to plant them somewhere else. At least I started planting the flowers on the backside of the tree so if they do wilt or die it isn't going to be as noticeable. Now I have to get more flowers for the front.