Fail, Story time, flowers, and water!

I'm working on becoming a extreme couponer. I've been a couponer but always felt like I've left money on the table. Last night I saw that Dollar Tree has baseball card holders on sale for a a dollar for a ten pack. I've been trying to find a better way to organize my coupons and thought I just found the answer. This morning I headed to Dollar Tree on the way to story time. When we first walked into the store the boys were both wanting a toy. I figured they are only a dollar why not, they each got to pick out one item from the store. Preston ended up with a ball but he kept "dropping" it. He did it one to many time so he ended up not getting a toy. Ethan want through about 100 different things in the store but he ended up with a bag of m&ms. Sigh they were less than a dollar  but still cost more then if I had bought it at any other store. To add salt to my fail being an extreme couponer the Dollar Tree that I stopped at doesn't even carry baseball card holders. All I ended up getting was that bag of candy.

Then we headed to story time. We ended up going to a later story time then normal because one of Ethan's soccer friends goes to the later one. I let the boys each pick out two books. Ethan choose a Spider-man and a scooby-do book. Preston found to choo-choo train books.

Once we got home from story time the guy that was going to do the work was waiting for me. He wanted to make sure that I was still going to have the work done and would be around in the afternoon. He also asked if he could have my number.

After nap time, the boys and I moved all the flowers that haven't been planted to the backyard so they wouldn't get trampled when the trees in the front yard got trimmed later today. The moving of the flowers wore the boys out and they needed a quick snack time. The we switched to swim suits and fill up the plastic play pool and plugged in the sprinkler.

About an hour before the yard guy came we turned off the water and came in for a little while, so I could do dinner. Josh got a ride home from work. It was nice to have that extra time today.

After the yard guy left we put the boys back into the swimsuits and had them play in the water a little more. Josh was shocked that the water was so cool but the boys didn't mind at all.