Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello Extreme Couponing!!

Last night TLC premiered its extreme couponing show. I however did miss the show and messed up setting up my DVR. Anyways I did find out some important information. I found an amazing website that is completely devoted to couponing

Yesterday I noticed in the Lowes weekly ad that they had several flowers on sale 4 for $10. Today once we got there I found some annuals they had six packs for .88. Granted they won't come back next year but they work in the shade and that is what I need for under my over grown trees.

We order dinner and needed to "waste" a couple of minutes till it was going to be ready. So Josh ran into Big Lots looking for baseball card holders. He didn't find any and told me that I might have to pay full price for them. I just gave him a look and said yea right. According to my new couponing website I can find them at the dollar tree for you guessed it a dollar for a ten pack. I think the biggest problem that I'm having from actually achieving extreme couponing levels of saving is that I'm just not organized enough.

 Random Thought: I was looking through Toys R Us ad this week and noticed the same bounce house that we paid 187.00 + tax is on sale for 249.99 + tax. I knew at the time that we got an amazing deal on it I just didn't realize how amazing it was. My next big deal is I'm trying to get a LeapFrog Explorer for next to nothing. I have a ten dollars off coupon thanks to cheerios. Okay I have two coupons but I have two kids. Now I'm just waiting for a great sale.

After we finished dinner, the boys went out back to play. I headed to the front yard to start cleaning out the flower beds and planting the flowers we just picked up from Lowes. While I was working a landscaper stopped by and gave me a quote for some  much needed work that needed to be done. Better yet he could do it tomorrow!