It is Friday!!!

The boys woke up hyper. They were bouncing around the house. I was getting worried about how they were going to act during story time. At one point I seriously thought about not even going. Just getting the shoes on the boys was nearly impossible. Ethan ended up with two different shoes. When I realized that they were different I tried to get him to change one of them but he liked having the different shoes. *sigh* I let it go.

We got to the library, the boys were very excited! Ethan picked out several books then wanted to play on the computers. I told him that we needed to get some books for Preston. Ethan saw a Curious George book and gave it to Preston. Which was really sweet but the book is written in Spanish. Ethan was like Preston has a book so let me play on the computer. Okay maybe it wasn't as sweet as I initially thought. After we got a couple more books for Preston, Ethan got to play on the computers. Ethan ran into a friend from school. Then it was time to go in for story time. Ethan then ran into a friend from soccer.

The boys did great during story time. They listen and participated and just had a great time.

We meet up with Josh and a couple of his coworkers for lunch. The boys behaved great.

Dinner was Little Caesar (I had a coupon for some free crazy bread and they have 5.00 pizzas). After dinner we headed over to the Frisco Athletic Center to let the Ethan play in the pool that he is going to be doing the Easter Egg hunt in tomorrow. Yesterday when we were walking through the place Ethan freaked out when we went to the pool area. When we first walked into the pool area he started freaking out again but he calmed down quickly. I don't know what had him so scared. The boys had so much fun playing in the splash pool. Preston got yelled at by the life guard because he was trying to climb up one of the slides.

The wind was crazy today. It broke the top off the sand table, blew the picnic table off the patio. Knocked the boys patio furniture over. So we brought everything inside.
This is some wind damage in the neighborhood
Another view.
I'm a Star!
Having dinner picnic style.