Legoland Discovery Center!

I got woken up by Ethan coming into the bedroom letting me know it was time to wake up. He crawled in bed with me and I asked him if he knew what we are doing today. He said no. I told him that we are going to Legoland. He jumped out of bed and started running around the house chanting Legoland, Legoland. Preston quickly joined in.

I didn't realize that Grapevine was so close. It only took a little over twenty minutes to get to Grapevine Mills Mall. The boys were about to bounce of their car seats when we pulled up and they saw the Legoland sign. After we got our tickets, it was time to go into the Lego factory. I was a little disappointed with the Lego factory it was a lot smaller then what I was expecting but the boys loved it. It dumped us into the line for the Kingdom Quest. The boys weren't really interested in doing the rides so we bailed out of the line as soon as we could. Our first stop was the Duplo Village where a pit of the jumbo Lego blocks and a pit of the Duplo blocks are located and there was also a slide. Ethan played for a little bit then moved on, Preston on the other hand loved the area. Ethan then discovered the Lego City Play Zone (Parents are not allowed). The boys quit playing in the areas they loved at the same time. We then decided to check out Miniland. It was really neat they were able to really capture all of the tourist spots in Dallas and Fort Worth in Legos. My personal favorite was the Ballpark in Arlington, Ethan loved the airport, Preston just wanted to try to climb on everything, and Josh loved the boats (he guesses). The boys at this point wanted food. I was a little disappointed in the food options. They had great options for adults, sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit. For the kids they nachos and hot dogs. I thought the prices were over inflated too. The boys wondered a little bit but then returned to the areas they were playing in before. Josh kept trying to get Ethan to watch a movie but he couldn't get Ethan out of the Play Zone when it was time to go into the theater. About 1:00 Preston was just done and wanted to go. The center was also starting to get crowed so we decided it was time to head home.

Overall, I was was expecting Legoland to be bigger than what it is but they really did an amazing job maximizing the amount of space they have. The areas that seemed to be the least crowded was the Princes Parlor and the Duplo Village. There were times Preston was the only child in the pit that he was playing in.

Side note: I had Ethan in an orange shirt to make it a little easier to spot him. Turns out every parent that went to Legoland today had the same thought. I felt like I was at a Rockwall High School football game or something. 

The standard admission price (the price you pay at the door) at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center is
  • $19.00 for adults  (age 13+)
  • $15.00 for children  (age 3-12)
  • Children aged 2 and under go free
Of course I have to talk coupons. In the passport book there is a coupon for 20% off a one day pass. If you buy online you save 15%.  Also available online only is the midweek afternoon ticket, it is 12.50 per person but it is only valid Monday - Friday after 5:00. Just keep in mind the last admission is at 6:00 during the week.

Josh and I decided to go for the season passes. With the season pass you get discounts at the cafe and the store. Today alone we saved over $10.00. We already promised Ethan that we would be back next week. I'm not sure how well it I'll do trying to take both boys by myself but I'm defiantly going to try.