A new schedule!

Man I was just starting to get used to the old schedule and now it is changing. This week is the beginning of a new session of Soccer Tots. When I was signing the boys up I thought it would be easier for Preston to take his class while Ethan is in school. We also signed Ethan up to play in the soccer league. At the time it sounded like a great idea, however when I was filling in our family calender I realized that means we have soccer three days in a row.

The boys also have a new coach for this session. Apparently they are going to have different coaches this time too. Today was Ethan's soccer class. Everyone from the last session have returned and it looks like there is a new boy in the class. The place they practice is an indoor soccer field and they didn't turn on the air yet. The kids were getting really hot an irritable. Not to mention the new coach did things very different from the last one. They are used to using the entire field and this coach was having them only use half the field. At one point she told them to shot a soccer goal and all the kids started running all they way down the field. As soon as they started taking of the coach had them stop. This coach had them keep trying to form lines and the kids didn't really get the concept of after they took their turn to stand at the end of the line. I think the coach was getting really frustrated because towards the end of the class everyone was really hot and starting to push and shove. At one point I pulled Ethan out of the class and made him have a time out just so he could cool off a little bit.

My Josh's brother and sister-in-law are in town. They contacted us while the boys were napping about having dinner tonight. They are craving some Texas flare so we decided on having some barbeque. My sister-in-law laughed when I mentioned that I had a coupon for the restaurant that I suggested. Hey there was seven of us and I had three buy one get one free coupons and they let me use them all that is thirty dollars that stayed in my pocket.

After dinner we headed over for some ice cream. It was really great to see them and Bobby.