Oops, how could I forget????!!

I don't know what is going on but I have been a serious space cadet lately. Yesterday I completely forgot to call my grandmother to tell her Happy Birthday. Then today I forgot Preston had soccer!! What is going on with me?

I finally remembered that Preston had soccer five minutes before it was suppose to start and it is over twenty minutes away (depending on the lights). Preston had so much fun during class today. The coach was impressed with how much better Preston did this week over last.

On the way home from soccer I stopped and signed the boys up for another class. I know they just sit around the house and watch TV all day. Okay not really, the boys have been so busy lately I don't think they know which way is up anymore. For the next month the library isn't having story time on Friday. I found a  a Lego Duplo class that is all about animals and where they live that will replace story time.

I also signed us up to go camping. I'm very excited about the boys first family camping trip. I had found on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website they have a program called Texas Outdoor Family where you camp with a Park Ranger and they supply all of the camping equipment they teach you all about how to camp and other outside activities. All the programs were at least an hour away and I'm not sure how well the boys are going to do camping. I then found that the city of Frisco's park and recreation does the same thing but this includes food, it is only for one night, and it is cheaper. If the camping trip turns out to be a fiasco it is okay we can be home in just a matter of minutes.

While I was trying to sign up for the different activities, Preston was being his normal wiggly self then I put him down and he was trying to run all over the place. I ended up putting him in the fun club just so I could gill out the paper work. When I picked him up he was crying like he did the last time I had left him.

The evening was all about swimming. I got in the pool with Preston. He is doing great in the water.