Sale + Coupons does not = Great Deal!!

*Sigh* I am so mad at myself! I messed up with my couponing!! Today I was looking at the ads, in the Toys R Us ad the color wonder and color explosions were on sale buy one get one free!! Crap I could have gotten four of them for the price I paid for three the day before.

The hardest part about starting couponing is figuring out if the sale and coupon are the best deal you can get. This is something that I am still struggling with. It does get easier the more you are looking at the ads and shopping the sales. For big purchases I tend to watch the prices for a long time. Right now I'm currently sitting on a couple of 10 off coupons for the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer. That is why I've been watching the Toys R Us ads so closely. Granted one leapster isn't that big of a purchase but we are going to be buying two. I've also been watching the price of the wooden swing sets. Sitting and waiting does have it advantages but it also has it disadvantages. There were times I got greedy and thought the prices would get cheaper instead the just went back up. It took another year before the prices were as low as they had been when I first started watching the item but it never did dip as low as it did the first time.

Another things about prices is know when the new models come out. For example, the automotive industries fiscal year ends in September. Dealerships are really ready to wheel and deal to help boost their numbers for the year. The slowest time of the year for vehicles and houses between October and mid-January.