Shopping and Swimming.

My mom came over today and we hit the stores. Shocking I know! Preston did great all morning long. I found four dresses at Macy's. Shocking my mom had a coupon for 20%. I got one dress as cheap as $27. We had to stop and pick up Ethan from school.

Orig $99.00  paid 27.72
Orig 79.00 paid 63.20
Orig 54.00 Paid 32.40
Orig 99.00 Paid 79.20
Not on sale but we had a 20% coupon

Once we got back to the mall we had the boys take their Easter Bunny picture. After the picture Ethan kept trying to "find" the eggs in the display for the bunny. Preston was less then impressed with the bunny and he wasn't happy that I took his blankie away for the picture.
Ethan loves dressing handsome so we spent the afternoon looking for handsome clothes.

My mom had dinner plans and had to leave. On the way home the boys fell asleep. I knew that if I tried to move them from the car to their beds they would wake up and I could kiss nap time away. I would have to just load them back into the car in about an hour to pick Josh up. I ended up just driving around Frisco till it was time to pick Josh up.

Off to swimming class. I still haven't put my camera back into my purse so I don't have any videos of the boys swimming today. Ethan did great! He is doing his roll over breath on his own. Josh said that Preston is doing well in his class too.

Of course the boys were bouncing off the walls after class. Josh and I decided to let the boys run around the backyard till bedtime. I figured it was a great time to finish planting the cheap flowers I had gotten from Lowes last week. The boys kept trying to help me in the flower bed. Josh was able to get them distracted so I was actually able to get some yard work done.