This morning started off by shopping at Walgreens. Yes I did shop there just before I went to sleep and it was the first place I stopped this morning. My total was originally 28.63 I thought was high. Then I didn't get any register rewards??? What? I know that one of the things that I got was suppose to give me a 3.00 reward. The manager got called over she didn't know why I didn't get my reward. That item got returned and I was refunded 4.32. Which got it down to 24.31. My total savings was 25.94 Sweet I actually saved more than I spent!!

Our next stop Sprouts. I've never been to Sprouts before but they were having some serious sale on fruit and vegetables. I had to check it out. We got Gummi Worms as a treat for the boys for behaving so well while we were in the store. We also picked up cucumbers, green beans, squash, oranges, apples, onions, bananas, and zucchini. All for 6.30!! Who says you can't eat healthy cheaply?

The boys were so adorable in the store. They would point to the different fruits and vegetables and excitedly say what they were and then ask if we could get some. It makes me feel great they love healthy food. Seriously Ethan would rather have a salad over a hamburger anytime.

We got to my parents home at the same time my parents got home from church. We didn't have enough time to prepare anything for lunch. While the boys took their naps my mom and I went out shopping. We didn't see any good deals. Once we got home everyone was awake and we started on dinner. I'm was so proud of my mom she cooked fish for the first time that wasn't fried!! We had baked tilapia that was coated in corn flake crumbs, red pepper, and some salt free Italian seasoning. The batter was 1% milk and a couple of drops of Tabasco sauce. Then we had fresh green beans that were steamed. The fish had a serious kick but I thought it was yummy.

After dinner we headed out the playground. Everyone had a great time!