This post is all over the place!

This morning Preston was very cranky and he wouldn't walk without holding on to something.

After Josh and Ethan got dropped off I called Preston's doctor and they wanted him to come in again. Once again the doctor didn't really think that anything was broken but he was concerned about him still limping and that the limp is getting worst. We then got sent to a diagnostic imaging center to get his foot x-ray. Preston did really great.
This one is cropped because Preston put his hand into it.

Today before we left for the doctor's office Preston let me know that he needed to potty. He did great on the toilet. Again after we got home he let me know. Basically I only had to change one diaper today and that was this morning. No accidents so it will be interesting to see how tomorrow goes. After each successful potty trip I gave Preston some chocolate. After Ethan got home from school he wanted to get chocolates for going potty too. *sigh*