A very busy day.

Ethan started off the morning with soccer. Then we had lunch with Josh. The boys napped in the van while I drove to Bedford. I had a box of donation stuff that I dropped off with a former coworker. Then I ended up staying hi to several people. It was a surreal feeling. I know that I'm where I need to be doing what I need to be doing. My boys are a lot happier and seem a lot more secure then what they were before.

I bribed the boys if they behaved while we were at CBC the I would take them back to Legoland. The bribe worked so we headed to Legoland. Everything was great for about the first 45 minutes then Ethan need to use the bathroom but didn't let me know in time. Anytime Ethan has an accident in public we leave. I loaded the boys back up in the van and we headed home.

After dinner, we headed to the athletic center to go swimming. I messed up and it turned out the pool was closed for swimming lessons. The boys were so upset. I felt terrible that I didn't check the pool schedule before I got the boys all excited about swimming.