Where are the shopping deals???

This morning after I dropped Josh off at work and Ethan at school, I headed back to Costco. I saved over 30 with their coupons.

Last night Josh and I saw there is a piano store having a court ordered liquidation sale. The location is across the street from Costco. I figured I would check out to see how good the deals are. I don't know anything about pianos so I have no idea if the prices were a good deal or not. Next I headed over to Rob & Stucky since they are also having a bankruptcy liquidation sale too. The signs all over the store say 70% off but the prices were still very high and they aren't willing to negotiate. It doesn't look like they are going to have a public auction either. I was very disappointed. Then I realized that it was time to pick up Josh and take him to swimming. I had to rush home to get his swim bag and put some stuff in the freezer. Poor little Preston was so upset that we did stay at home.

 It was nice we didn't have to rush anywhere tonight. We told the boys that after dinner we would go to the park. We were going to walk but it was extremely windy and we weren't sure when the storm was suppose to come threw so we decided to drive. While we were driving to the park we decided to check out the Frisco Athletic center and sign up for a membership. Ethan got his own card and we was so excited.

Then we eventually got to the park.