Monday, May 16, 2011

Another calm day!

This morning started of a little crazy. Ethan decided he needed to make sure everyone was a wake this morning. Included Ethan roaring at Preston at the top of his lungs, then jumping on me to let me know that Preston was crying. *sigh* Nothing like having your fight or flight reflexes tested to wake you up.

After the dust settled from the morning wake up everyone fell into our normal morning routine of craziness. Then it was off to Ethan' soccer class. I love the small class and that there isn't any other classes going on at the same time. The four of us just chat while the kids play. The new coach has gotten so much better. Ethan did great listening.

We tried to go to In-and-Out burger for lunch but the lines are still crazy!! I've been to In-and-Out a couple of times in other states. The burgers are good fast food burgers but not worth being in line for more than a few minutes. In my opinion, the burgers taste as good as a Mooyah burger, a Five Guys burger & fries, or a burger street but the price is more inline with McDonald's. 

We attempted to try In-and-Out burger again for dinner. This time the line was very misleading. Apparently they have you wind around the parking lot, then there is a point where they let you know it is an hour wait for the drive-thru or a 30 to 45 minute wait to go inside. At this point you have the choose to wait or to leave. We opted to leave.

It was weird, we had a quite evening at home.

At some point during the day I contacted ECI to get the ball rolling with Preston's speech and language evaluation. (Yes, Cherie I can hear your excitement from here that I've finally done it. I will be dealing with a company called LifePath Systems.)  I still have a week before I know what the next step is to figure out about Preston's lack of growing.