Another performance!

Today was the last performance of the school year. It is a theater and dance production. Ethan is going to be one of the Cowboy Princes. When the teacher first cast the performance she had Ethan as one of the the Teddy Tornadoes but she was so impressed with how well he did during practices that she changed his part. It was funny during the teacher conference we had a few weeks ago, her comment was she was surprised that Ethan was going to be one of her stars. That is when we explained that one of the biggest reasons we choose this preschool was because of the theater classes. Ethan LOVES performing and being the center of attention. We do have him in sports right now but Josh and I have a feeling that he is going to be a theater boy.

After the performance we headed over to Toys R Us to go birthday shopping for Preston. From their ads it looked like they were having a really great sale. When we got there I realized I didn't grab all of my toy coupons but I did grab a store coupon. They had a couple of there dress up clothes on sale for 7.49 then they had some others that were buy one and get one free. They only had one of the buy one free outfits so I picked up two of the 7.49 costumes. They also had a puppet stage marked half off so it only cost $15. The clearance clothes are on sale buy one get on free. Those were the only really good buys that I saw.