Thank goodness this is the last day of the teacher appreciation week. Don't get me wrong I do appreciate all that Ethan's teachers do. It is just the trying to remember what I'm suppose to take each day and for eight different teachers and the director was starting to get to be a bit much. Today was flowers. Thank goodness Mother's day is this weekend and Tom Thumb has a dozen roses on sale for $10. We gave his homeroom teachers two and the rest go one. Then we gave the extra one to the main homeroom teacher while the assistant was out of the room.

Josh's company had a outing for the entire family. We went to a Frisco Rough Riders game. The Rough Riders are a minor baseball league that is somehow connected to the Texas Rangers. Personally I think the Rough Rider games are a lot more fun the the Rangers. There is playground for the kids to run around in and between innings that do some sort of entertainment. There was hardly anyone at the field tonight. The weather was perfect. We all had a great time. The time just flew by I was surprised when the game ended. To make the evening even better the Rough Riders won.