Birthday marathon continues!

After Josh arrived with warm clothing, Ethan and I added layers to what we were wearing. Turns out the cold didn't only catch us off guard but several of the people that were camping. However the people that used the provided tents had the hardest time because they felt every ice cold breeze that blew.

We headed home to thaw out and I tried to get a cat nap. Then it was off to our first birthday party of the day, a pair of twins from school. It was fun. While we were there we got two more unofficial birthday invites for June. *sigh* I thought the summer months we didn't have to worry about school birthdays. This party we had to leave early because we had a second party to get to. The second one was for Ethan's girlfriend from swimming. Once again Ethan was the only non-school friend at the party. Once again it didn't bother Ethan towards the end of the party you couldn't tell that he didn't know the kids just a couple of hours ago. The parents were also super nice. I actually felt more comfortable with this group of parents than any other group that we had a party with this weekend.

I've also decided that I need a makeover. All the moms this weekend dressed what I call mommy chic.

Oops I forgot to mention how Ethan acted with his classmates. He did pretty good there were a couple of times the other kids were bugging him and he removed himself from the situation. With one exception, Ethan took a girls bow out of her hair and threw it to the ground. Ethan was up in a tower structure and we couldn't hear him. He had actually done that so we would come up and get him because he couldn't figure out how to get back down.