Happy Birthday Preston!

Today is Preston's actual birthday!

We took the boys to Legoland to celebrate. We were finally able to see one of the 4D movies. Preston didn't care for the 3D glasses. Ethan on the other hand loved the movie and the effects.

One of my former coworkers and friend, Amanda, had a daughter the same day that I had Preston. Apparently that day at work everyone kept checking their text messages to see which one of us had our babies first. Today she had her daughter's birthday party and we were invited. The boys didn't have much of a nap so I was nervous on how they would behave at the party. For an hour they did well but they were starting to get fussy and tearing things up, so we decided it was time to go. On the way out Amanda gave Preston a birthday gift. The party was very nice and everyone had a great time.