I have enough problems!

For those who know me, this isn't going to be a shocker, I lost my phone today! I know, I can knock everyone over with a feather. Okay I didn't really misplace my phone. Ethan had been playing my games and then it disappeared. Tried calling it but the battery was dead. *sigh* This post is going to be a picture free post.

This morning I got woken up by Preston crawling in bed with me and jumping on my head. Yep, I woke up just a little cranky. Nothing a little shopping couldn't cure. Now that I'm on my way to having a mommy chic wardrobe, Ethan needs some shorts. When I was packing for the overnight stay at my parents home I realized that the boy only has three pair of shorts. We stopped at several stores and found the best deal at Kohl's for Preston size they had mix and match tops and bottoms for $5.50 each and for Ethan it was $6.50. Then my mom had a 15% coupon. Making Ethan's $5.52 each and Preston's $4.68 each. When you spent $50 you got $10 in Kohl's cash that we can redeem tomorrow.

After the boys woke up from their naps we took them swimming. Preston wasn't sure about getting in the water at first. He would sit at the edge and kick his feet eventually he did start jumping in. Ethan on the other hand got in and just started swimming.

After swimming the boys ate then my mom and I took the boys to the city park. That is where I had the honor of meeting the mother of the year! This mom was a piece of work. She was sitting on a blanket with another mom just doting over their babies that were a few months old. *eye roll* We just ignored them and kept going. Seriously they were sitting in the middle of the playground area, not in the grass to the side but actually in the play area. I was watching Preston and my mom was chasing Ethan. A boy came up to Preston and was trying to get him to climb over a wall by pulling on his arm. I thought Preston's arm was going to get pulled out of socket. I told the older kid to knock it off and leave Preston alone. Next thing I know he is over playing with Ethan and about to pull his arm off. I told the kid that Ethan can climb up himself. At another point my mother told me the kid put Ethan in a choke hold because he was trying to pull Ethan off a ladder. This kid was a piece of work. After about thirty minutes of this kid playing with Ethan and we didn't see a parent around my mom finally asked the kid how old he was and if his mom was around. Turns out the kid is five and his mom is one of the moms on the blanket the one with the blue hair (smurf blue and bad black roots). Where the mom was sitting there was a fence up where she couldn't see him in the part of the playground that he spent most of the time. A girl came to the playground shortly after our discovery and started playing with Ethan and the other boy. The three of them were running around. The girl's mother was extremely nice. We were chatting and watching our kids the boy then dropped his pants and started peeing right in front of everyone. At that point Ethan and the girl pretty much stopped playing with the boy. I was completely shocked. I have never seen a mom just ignore a child like that before.