Monday, May 9, 2011

I shouldn't read!

 I updated this post so if you have already read it just skip to the bottom.

Okay I should read but the current book I'm reading is messing with my head! The Overachievers by Alexandra Robbins is about the pressure on kids to get into ivy league colleges. Right now there are more kids than ever applying for colleges and the schools haven't expanded to keep up with the demand. The book also mentioned that getting a 1600 on the SAT doesn't mean that you can get into Stanford. Ugh!

Josh and I have been going back and forth about trying to get Ethan into some elite private schools or public school. Our feelings are we just want to make sure the boys have the tools they need to be accepted into any college they want to go to. I'm still reading the book but it isn't giving me much hope that the are going to be able to go to college. Then again the admission process has changed so much since I went to college that I'm sure it is going to be completely different by the time they are going to go. Decisions that we are facing right now is Ethan's birthday is in September just days after the school's cut off date. We can have him tested to see if he can skip public school kindergarten and enter into first grade just before he turns six. If he skips kindergarten then he will miss out on the testing to have him in the quest (Frisco's gifted and talented) program in first grade. He will be able for testing to be in the program for second grade. Not to mention that we are about to have Preston evaluated to see if he needs speech therapy. We are waiting for his two year check up and a hearing test first.

In the end are the boys even going to care? If they want to just go to a Texas state school they just have to be in the top 10% of their class and then they don't even have to stress about being accepted. What if they want to go to MIT? I'm starting to get images of the movie Accepted in my head.

I know that all of this crazy!! A friend of my was saying she was disappointed that her daughter got wait listed for an elite private/ boarding school in Dallas. That she has to keep reminder her husband that their daughters life isn't over at three just because she didn't get in. Now they are stressing because she isn't enrolled in a preschool for the fall now. They missed the deadline for guaranteed enrollment that the current preschool because that deadline was before they knew about the other private school.

I realized in conversations, emails, and FB messages that I wasn't very clear about what I meant with Ethan skipping Kindergarten. He would actually attend a private Kindergarten then skip public Kindergarten.