I thought the holiday was over!

Yesterday my mom and I noticed that the coupons we had and most of the sale for Memorial Day actually end today. Yep that meet we were back at the stores but this time it was less crowded.

There was a little over an hour wait between the time I dropped off Ethan and the stores opened. Preston just wanted to go outside and run around. I grabbed the bubble blower and the chalk.

It was time to hit the stores. A few weeks ago Josh tossed a pair of my shoes. Today's goal was to replace the shoes. At the first store I picked up some cute black sandals. The new shoes matched my outfit betterh than the shoes I was wearing so I traded out the shoes. Preston was cracking me up, he wanted to hold the packages after we bought them. I came across some sandals for the boys, Preston didn't want to stop trying on shoes.

We had to run and pick up Ethan then we headed back to the stores. The deal of the day was at Carter. They had these one piece outfits on sale for $6. Then we had a coupon for 25% they were only $4.50. Preston doesn't really need more summer clothes but I just couldn't pass up the deal. Then again we are about to stop using pull-ups or diapers so I'll need several outfits for accidents.

At this point my feet are starting to hurt, so I stopped into the Skecher store and picked up a couple more pairs of shoes. I switched shoes again. I had happy feet again!

I headed home to drop off the packages then pick up Jen, Josh, and Mark and head to Ethan's soccer game. Ethan did okay during the game. At one point he started playing goalie and blocked one shot but missed two others. If we have him continue playing soccer I guess we know what position he is going to want to play.