I'm lossing my mind!!

On the way to taking Ethan to school, it hit me like a ton of bricks this week is teacher appreciation week! Today we are suppose to give the teachers thank you cards and tokens of appreciation. Well crap on a stick. Josh was trying to look up what were on the teachers list on his phone while I was driving. Fortuantly I had a couple of blank thank you cards in my purse (I'm working on the cards from Preston's birthday and I'm almost done). Josh wrote one out while I was driving. We only knew one of Ethan's teachers names. I know I'm a terrible parent my goodness he has eight of them, and I'm trying to learn all the kids names in his class, and their parent's names. Heck, Josh and I can't keep our kids names straight half the time. Ethan wanted a snack before he went to bed and Josh told Preston to get back in his chair if he wasn't done eating. Ethan looked at him and said, "Preston is in bed dad, I'm Ethan".

This week the boys are invited to two birthday parties. While Ethan was at school I went to the store to get presents for the birthday kids and Ethan's teachers. I was in the parking lot of Ethan's school throwing the bags together for the teachers and barely got inside before we were going to start getting charged for being late. While Ethan was handing out all the bags to his teachers I saw the director of his school and she was getting gifts from other students. Crap on a stick again! I completely forgot to include her. Now I have to think of something to get her tomorrow. Ugh!

After naps it was time to load up and run to Ethan's soccer game that was at 6:00. Dinner in the car and we got there with a couple of minutes to spare. That was when I got informed that Ethan's game wasn't till 6:30 but the coach was nice and let Ethan play in the 6:00 game. I don't know why I'm getting everything so messed up right now. Hopefully, I'll remember that Preston has soccer tomorrow unlike last week.

I promise I have tons of videos and pictures that I'm going to be posting soon. I'm also working on some more couponing info.