Oops! I had scheduled us to go camping tonight and RSVP for a kids birthday party for tonight as well. When I RSVPed I thought the party was last weekend. Ethan was so excited about going to his friends birthday party I just didn't have the heart to un-RSVP.

The oddest thing about this party was I haven't meet the parents before, I've only seen the boy with his nanny. Ethan meet the boy in his soccer class and we also see him at story time. Apparently Ethan was the only child from soccer that was invited. While we were at the party, I was trying to make small talk with the dad and apparently he is a very elite soccer coach for fifteen year olds in Frisco. I guess pure dumb luck I got Ethan in a great program to get him started in soccer.

I want to take a second and discuss our philosophy about our boys in sports. Our boys are small and especially if Ethan skips public school kindergarten. We figure in elementary school  that if we expose the boys and they have a spark of skill that they won't be picked last for teams. We also want the boys to have enough skill that if they want to play in high school that they are talented enough to play on the varsity team by their senior year.  We have no illusions of grandeur and expect them to be a pro athlete. 

The party was so much fun. We needed to leave but the boys were having so much fun that I just couldn't bring myself to pull them away from the party. Since we left the party so much later than we were expecting we were really late to our "camping trip".

Our HOA rules dictate that we can't put up a temporary housing structure in our back yards even if the structure is for one night. To my understanding means no back yard camping. It seems that is a standard rule for HOA's in this area because the cities park and rec department sets ups one night camping trips in one of the city parks. Basically you just sign up and they provide everything, tent, sleeping bags, flashlights, food, activities. The tents the supplied were two men tents, which meant that we would have to be in two tents. Last year I bought a tent for  $35 at Aldi with the expectation of it being a good backyard camping tent. (This was before we got the HOA rules) . Our tent is a three man tent but we figured that all of us to fit for one night. The tent was a lot bigger and nicer than what I was expecting.

I really didn't know what to expect and I didn't know what we were missing out on being so late. We arrived almost two hours late. The only thing that we missed seemed to miss out on was setting up the tents and eating dinner. I was very pleased with the decision to bring out own tent. The tents they were provided were mostly made of mesh. Josh and I had practiced putting out tent up earlier in the day so we were able to look like pros and set it up quickly. There was some down time so we let the boys run around in the park. We then decided it was time for the boys to go to bed. While were were setting up the sleeping bags and arranging everything I noticed everyone gathering around the camp leaders tent. Of course I had to check out what was going on. Turns out they were handing out flash lights and preparing to go for a hike. It was a ton of fun and Ethan meet a friend. It was time to finally go to bed. Preston just wouldn't lay down and started getting extremely fussy. We decided that Josh would take Preston home and return in the morning to pick Ethan and I up. Once they left, Ethan and I rearranged the sleeping arrangements. Ethan wanted to sleep with me in my sleeping bag, but the bags were the coon style that goes over the head.  Suisse Sport Adult Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag There is only room for one person in the bag. Another problem with the bag is it doesn't unzip all the way. Fortunatully I brought a few blankets with me so we just slept on top of two of the sleeping bags then put the blankets over both of us. Then I opened the other bags as far as I could and opened them as wide as I could and placed one over each of us.

Oh my goodness it got cold during the night. At one point Ethan woke up and told me he was cold so I wrapped him in the blankets. He was able to go back to sleep. I was so cold that I couldn't go back to sleep. Finally I got into the bag that I was sleeping on top of and then wrapped the other bag around me. I was finally able to get back to sleep but every time the outer bag slipped off I woke up. Every time Ethan's blankets shifted he would wake up and then wake me up.  At 6:30 he woke up and told me that it was wake up time. He started to run around the tent the decided he was cold and got back into bed. That is when I called Josh to bring us warm clothes and jackets!