The roller coaster continues.

Finally hear back from the doctor's office. The test results were negative. The doctor is out of town the rest of this week and all of next week. The waiting game continues.

Josh and I are still debating on if we should go ahead an remove gluten from our diets anyways. 

When I went to pick Ethan up from school I ran into his theater teacher in the hall. She was so excited to tell me that Ethan got the best student ribbon in her class. Then I picked up Ethan and his homeroom teacher told me about the rest of the day. Ethan did will well during music and theater but in art and dance he started hitting, kicking, and "spitting". Spitting is in quotes because the school considers blowing raspberries spitting.

I'm starting to question if Ethan's "behavior" problems are because Josh and I are middle of the road people. What I mean is Josh and I will rough house with the boys and do let the boys be boys but we don't let them over do it. I was thinking about how I've seen Ethan interact with his classmates. Then I remembered how upset Ethan made the girl at the party when she wouldn't let him talk to anyone else (Including us) and he was just getting annoyed with her, Ethan just roared at her. She went running to her mom with tears in her eyes saying how mean Ethan was. The kids just seem a lot more sensitive then what we are raising our boys to be.

After school I asked Ethan if he had apologized to his friends for being mean. Ethan said no because his friends still are talking to him. What??? You are three and the kids are already playing that game.

I'm really starting to question our decision about enrolling Ethan next year.