We headed over to my parents home, Josh helped my dad clean their filter for the pool. I know exciting stuff. I printed some coupons off. My mom and I did a little shopping while all the boys took a nap. After dinner we started to get everything ready to head home. Ethan asked if he could stay with Nana and Papa. I'm planning on coming back over in the morning, Josh and I were fine with it and my parents were okay with the idea. Ethan was extremely excited but he was a little afraid that he wasn't going to get to stay, he didn't want to give us hugs and kisses bye. My parents to him to a park for a little bit. They drove home with the convertible top down and Ethan loved it, but thought it was very windy. He loved being able to see all the houses, trees, and other cars. Also on the way home they heard a band playing in the Square, they decided to stop and check it out. They decided to head home, Ethan tried to convince them to go somewhere. Ethan had a great time and didn't give us a second thought.

Preston on the other hand started crying as soon as the doors shut on the vehicle and he realized that Ethan wasn't coming with us. Once we got home it was time for Preston to go to bed. He was still very upset but had stopped crying. He even woke up several times during the night still upset.