The search begins.

Today I got to Ethan's school a little early and I was shocked to see that Ethan was in music class. Then I realized that he was in the four year old class. I asked the teacher why was he in her class and apparently the school's director decided that maybe being with the slightly older kids that Ethan won't be as aggressive. We had told the director earlier this week that if Ethan got sent to her office to call me and I would pick him up. When I went to talk to her today she informed me that Ethan had been in her office everyday this week. Seriously, why didn't I get a phone call? Then she started in about how aggressive Ethan is still being. I told her that yesterday the teacher said that it was both kids not just Ethan. The director didn't have a clue. Then she had the nerve to say that the only reason the other kid was hitting was because his dad told to hit back. According to Ethan, the other kid started it. Today incident Ethan said that he started it because the other kid wasn't listening to the teacher. I'm really starting to question how hard she is working to take care of the problem.

As much as I love Ethan's preschool and as much as I love the teachers. The director is driving me nuts. I'm starting to look for a new preschool. I just sucks that there isn't another school that focuses on fine arts.

Tonight was swimming. Preston woke up from his nap cranky and apparently his bad mood continued in the class. Ethan and one of his classmates were messing around before class started. The other boy was a lot more rough then Ethan was. For me it confirmed that if Ethan was at any other preschool that his "roughness" wouldn't be an issue.

Man I didn't even realize that Preston missed soccer until I was writing this post. I don't know why I having such an issue getting Preston to soccer on Wednesday. I guess I was trying to prepare for a couponing trip to CVS because we ran out of pull-ups this morning. I just can't believe that it didn't even register that I had forgotten.