Soccer and shopping!

I'm really loving having the boys do soccer on different days. Ethan did a great job listening and participating during soccer.

After a quick lunch we meet up with my sister and mom to go shopping. The Coach store at the Allen Outlet handed us a coupon for 30% off your entire purchase when we walked into the store. They also had the clearance stuff marked down 50% and you still got the 30% off on top of it. I was able to get a purse and a matching cosmetic bag for just over 100. They are going to be Mother day presents so I'll show pictures later.

The boys were troopers. They did fuss and just rolled with us running in and out of places. We had pizza from Rosati's It is a pizza chain that actually started in Chicago. Now my mom has a new favorite pizza place and I have a feeling that every time she comes over that is what we are going to have.

We headed to the mall. This time the boys at least go to play in the playground while we were shopping.