This morning Josh asked if I was going to the store this morning because there were several things were are out of. He ran down the list and I showed him that we had plenty of everything that was on the list. The list ended up being 2% milk. We have plenty of soy milk so we really aren't out of milk either. I do need to get some of the great deals that are out right now but it isn't a mad dash to the store.

Ethan had another great day at school. Josh and I had told him that if he had a good week then I would take him to a museum on Friday. I guess I have to figure out what museum we are going to go to.

I took a picture of Preston chewing on this cow thing the boys have. I sent the picture to Josh. Apparently it made him crave steak for dinner. We headed to Texas Land and Cattle for dinner.

We came home and the boys wanted to play outside. I brought out a couple of soccer balls thinking they would just run around but nope Ethan wanted to do soccer class. *sigh* Josh gave me a hard time saying four days in a row of soccer that I'm officially a soccer mom.

Feed Me!

Cowboy Preston

What is going on?


I'm a fox and you can't get my tail!

I'm getting daddy's tail!

Cranky boy!

I need a break!