What a Day!

Ethan had a great week at school as a reward he wanted to go to a museum. Thank goodness for the Frisco Sci-Tech center. Right now they have a train exhibit and at 10:30 they also have a story time. I figured the boys would have a ton of fun. Once we got there, there was a school field trip going on. That is when I started getting nervous. The boys had a great time. I love how the place isn't huge and that it is all in one room with some wall dividers you can easily see around. Ethan was able to run around and play but I could keep an eye on him. The boys were upset when it was time to go, but today was the last day of Lego class.

Once we finally got back home for nap time the boys were exhausted and cranky. They went down really fast today. They woke up earlier than they normally do.

The boys wanted to go outside to run off some energy but after a few minutes we realized it has HOT!!

After dinner we put on our bathing suits and turned on the sprinklers and then realized it was cold. I guess I'm never satisfied.

Side note about Ethan's improved behavior: We told Ethan to stay away from the boy that he has been making cry. Ethan has been staying far away from the other boy. I'm not a child psychologist but it seems to me that if Ethan had aggressiveness issues that we would still be having issues.

Couponing side note: I went to Walgreens after the boys went to bed. Last week I messed up at Walgreens because I had more coupons than items in a transaction. This week I  made sure that didn't happen again. I spent 19.56 on 59.92 worth of merchandise. The item that I'm most excited about is the Huggies little swimmers for 2.99!

Ethan "shaving' to get ready for the museum

Preston getting ready by making a mess when it is time to walk out the door.

Experiments during story time

Having fun in the discovery center

Playing in the backyard.

Cooling off in the water