Where is this coming from?

This morning Ethan declared that he didn't want to go to music school he wanted to go to circus class. The previous preschool had a circus class that he loved. I've contacted the people who did the class right after I stopped working. At that time they were about to open a facility but it was at least a month away. I could have done private lessons for $75 a lesson or I could find four other kids and they could hold classes at my home for $70 a month per child. I had just moved here and didn't know any other kids that could do anything during the day. When I check on it a month later the facility still wasn't ready. Then we had the craziness with my dad, Christmas, then I basically had forgotten about it. A few weeks ago, I had come across it again and in passing asked Ethan if he would be interested in going to circus class again.
I don't know why this morning Ethan was convinced that he was going to circus class instead of school. I tried to explain to him that he isn't going to circus class. Once I picked him up from school the first thing he asked was if he was going to circus class today. I told him that I didn't know where circus class is. Once we pulled in to the driveway Ethan started crying hysterically saying that he wanted to go to circus class. He was crying so hard I thought he was starting to start hyperventilating. I was finally able to calm him down by telling him that I would call and get information during his nap time. Then there was another melt down about not wanting to nap. *sigh* At this point I think he is just over tired, still a promise is a promise.

I was able to talk to one of the owners and she informed me that they don't currently have a open preschool class but they can start one. To have the class make they need to have three children and it would be $80 a month per child. Or it could be two kids and I take a aerial yoga class.

First words out of Ethan's mouth from nap time was is it time to go to circus class. I told him no it was time for soccer. He didn't want to go to soccer, he needed to go to circus class. I told him that there wasn't circus class today. All the way to soccer he was asking about circus class. *sigh* I would ask him is there circus class tonight? He would answer no and drop it for a few minutes.

Soccer was a joke he just wondered around the field and wasn't interested in the game at all. At one point we pulled him out of the game. He returned for the last minute. After soccer he started asking again if we were going to go to circus class now. Kid you are killing me with this. I asked him if he would rather do gymnastics instead of gymnastics and ice skating. He said that he would. Since the sessions are only a month long we are going to sign him, Preston and I up for classes for one month.

We got home before the storms moved it but the wind was fierce. I thought the neighbor's tree was going to blow right over. Next thing I know outside looks greenish, and everything was completely still.  I went out back to see if I could see anything and the sirens started going off. All of us squeezed into our half bath. Then the news came back on and apparently the storm broke up right over Frisco. Our patio was dry after a few minutes. We took the boys favorite books and toys into the bathroom. Ethan was having such a great time in the bathroom that he didn't want to leave after the storm had passed over.

About and hour later another round of storms passed over. This round was heavier and we got some hail. I just feel blessed compared to what they are showing on the news.