Yep It's Monday!

This morning I heard back from ECI and have an appointment for Preston to be evaluated. I was trying to have it scheduled while Ethan is at school. While I was looking at the calendar I realized that school is almost over.

Then it was off to Ethan's soccer class. Ethan did great during class. I'm amazed at how well he can handle the ball. The teacher has vastly improved since the first class. It still bothers me that she only uses half the field and the coach is still having problems with her transitions.

Just as practice was ending, rain started to fall. I got soaked getting the boys into the van. Then I realized that Josh didn't take a lunch this morning to work. I didn't want him to have to walk in the storm, however when I got to Josh's job everything was dry. I still took him and Mark to get food. On the way home it started raining again. I got drenched again getting the boys into the house.

While the boys were napping, I got a call from Preston's pediatrician. The Dr. office said that since the blood test came back negative they aren't going to follow up at this point. I guess I shouldn't stress about Preston's weight. We are going to do a check up in six months just to check his progress.

After dinner we went to the park.

I'm up late trying to figure out the summer for the boys and what camps Ethan can still attend.