Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another day. busy and crazy!

 I don't know why Josh and I stayed up till 2:30am but I was starting to feel sore and just couldn't drag myself  to bed.
When I woke up this morning my muscles still weren't happy but it was time for soccer. There are two brothers in the class that were wrestling each other. Preston wanted to join in and the younger brother didn't want to have any part of wrestling with Preston. Then Preston kept trying to wrestle the other kids in the class. It got so bad that I put Preston into time out and he actually calmed down and was sitting and waiting his turn. The older brother came up and started to mess with Preston. Preston got riled up again. Ugh. The rest of the time I kept Preston away from the older child and the two brothers kept wrestling and Preston kept wanting to join in. I was so glad when Preston's soccer class was over so I could just sit. I had just gotten Preston comfortable in the stroller with his snacks, juice, and toys the coach informed the parents today is kids teach the parents day. *sigh* The coach said that I could sit out but Ethan just looked so sad that all the other parents were on the field and I wasn't. I moved Preston on the field. Preston was happy to just sit and play the games on my phone. Ethan loved that I was able to do the soccer class with him like I normally do with Preston. Towards the end of the class Preston started joining in. Man I'm worn out after running around playing soccer for two hours. The boys fell asleep very quickly for their naps.

For dinner, I phoned it in and we went to McDonalds. We let the boys run around till it was time for swimming. In Ethan's class there was a new trainee, there was one point that he was suppose to help Ethan roll onto his back. The trainee didn't do it correctly and Ethan ended up getting a mouth full of water. Ethan left the class about half way through the class to use the restroom and refused to return to the class. Preston tore his class up! He was having so much fun and just doing everything the teacher asked him to do.

Sorry there aren't more soccer pictures.

Mom I need my hair cut! Seriously you can put it in a ponytail!

Look I have eyes!

Wow mom I can see now that the hair isn't in my eyes.

I've got some serious kickers!

Just chillin'