Ethan's busy day!

We didn't have anything going on this morning. After Preston was put down for his nap Ethan asked if he had to go to sleep. I told him that he wasn't going to have a nap today. Ethan was so excited he didn't even care why. A few minutes later he asked again if he was going to have to take a nap, I don't know if he just wanted to hear again that he wasn't having nap time or if he needed reassurance. There just wasn't anytime! Ethan had a birthday party to attend and we had to stop and pick up a gift on the way and while I was at the store I might as well do a little couponing. Turns out I wasn't the only mom grabbing a gift at the last minute another mom asked if I was just at Target. Another mom dropped her husband and kids off to run to pick up a gift and sneaked in at just before presents were opened. The party was at pump it up, which is a warehouse of inflatables. Ethan had a great time. It was funny at one point Ethan adopted one of his classmates older brothers as his own brother and was dragging the kid all over the place.

Then we swung by the house to pick up Preston and Josh then we headed to Chuck E. Cheese. We had a play date with Ethan's girlfriend from swimming. I absolutely adore her mom. Whenever we get together everyone has a great time. We ended up staying for three hours. It seemed like we had just gotten there.