A fun day.

Today Josh rode with me to my parents home to pick up our second car. Then went home to work on his side project. Ethan had been playing games on my phone during the ride to my parents. I noticed that after Josh left that I couldn't locate my phone anywhere. Finally I called Josh and that is when he remembered that he had put my phone in his pocket when he got Ethan out of the van. I wasn't able to take pictures today. I did have my flip and took a couple of videos. My dad took some pictures and promises to email them to me.

Ethan never actually feel asleep during his nap today and Preston took a short nap. I was shocked because the boys have been eating like linebackers today. Normally the increased appetite means they are about to have a growth spurt and will sleep a lot. The lack of sleep put the boys in a great mood (I hope you hear my sarcasm). The boys would do anything but stay still, I think because they would fall asleep. The best part of the day was Ethan was able to get my grandmother to play hide and seek. It was hilarious! I couldn't believe it.

Dinner was my official birthday dinner with my family. I opted to have pie instead of cake for dessert. I thought the boys were going to actually start bouncing off walls. I figured that it would be a perfect time to go to a splash park. It worked like a charm. When Preston was done he came up to me and said cold. I wrapped him up in his towel, then he took my hand and led me back to the car.