Happy Anniversary!

Today is our wedding anniversary. How are we celebrating? The morning started off with Josh leaving early for work because today is Preston's evaluation for Early Childhood Intervention (ECI). The team was very nice. Preston scored high in his cognitive and physical assessments which didn't shock me at all. He scored low in his communication skills once again I wasn't shocked. What I was surprised about was he scored low in his adaptive (self care and independence) skills. They also noted that his articulation was low. Preston qualified for services on his communications and adaptive skills. I went ahead and signed him up for services. They also want to have Preston's hearing checked. The speech pathologist set Preston's six month goal for Preston to be able to have 75% of his speech to be understood by strangers.

It was weird being at home without a car but after Josh finished swimming he came and picked up Preston and me. Then I went and picked up Ethan. We had Ethan stay at my parent's home last night because I was worried if he would try to join in with the evaluation this morning. Ethan was having such a great time he didn't want to come home.

I was looking forward to a quite evening at home then when I was walking out the door to pick up Josh it hit me that tonight was Ethan's last soccer game. We rushed over to the soccer game. Ethan did okay but I'm so glad that we don't have to endure anymore games any time soon.

Josh was exhausted as soon as we got home, went to bed. Yep this is the most romantic anniversary ever. Yes that would be sarcasm. Josh did have some gorgeous flowers delivered today.