I'm tired!!

This morning I hit the ground running. Josh didn't want to drive the Miata because the inspection sticker is expired, and the check engine light is on (so he can't just get it inspected on the way to work), and I got pulled over yesterday for the registration being out on the van (we are paranoid after I got pulled over three times in less than 48 hours for tags being expired in February). Fine just means that we had to rush around this morning to get out the door so he wouldn't be late.

Then again it isn't paranoia when the cops in Frisco are out for expired tags. While I was driving a cop that had been sitting on the side street pulled out behind me. Man, seriously I'm going to get pulled over again? I was keeping and eye on him because was diagonally behind me for a couple of lights, I just know he is running my plates. Then we were coming up to a light that was red and he moved behind me as we approached the light, great as soon as we get through this light I'm going to get stopped. As we were about to stop the light turned green. I'm just know I'm about to get pulled over but, lucky for me, a car that was making a left turn in front of us died in the middle of the intersection. The cop stopped to help the disabled car. Whew I swear I was about to have a panic attack. I was able to get to the county clerks office without anymore officers but I was really freaking out.

Then the boys and I headed over to the Frisco Discovery Center. Then boys loves the permanent exhibit. Went right straight over and started manipulating the different knobs, leavers, and whatever. Then I introduced Ethan to the Wow Lab table. This weeks experiment is to make your own fossil imprints. They had the kids pick out some Play-Doh and a shell. Ethan didn't care for making the imprint but loved playing with the Play-Doh. We went to their story time. It isn't anything like the library's story time but it works for this week. The boys ran around a little longer, I was starting to get hungry, and the boys were getting cranky. We headed out.

When we got home there was a box on our front porch. A few weeks ago Josh had signed up for Fab.com and it had a sale on summer Melissa and Doug toys. We went a little crazy when we ordered because we love their products. The boys tore into the box of toys and actually were more excited about the toys instead of the box, which is rare.

The boys took short naps today. When they woke up all they wanted to do was play with their new toys. Then it was time to pick up Josh. The adventure we headed to this evening was swimming at the Frisco Athletic Center (FAC). When we first got there the boys wanted to wear life vest. I'm still not really sure what that was about. My boys are little fish in the water.

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I'm ready for nap time. Can we please go home?

I love this couch can we take it home?