It's Monday!

The battery is dead on the car because it sat for so long. The boys and I all overslept this morning. Josh wasn't worried about getting to work late because I'm not going to be able to pick him up till after circus class. My next stop was at Legoland in Grapevine. When I pulled up there was a daycare unloading two vans of kids. I took that as a bad sign. I meet up my friend Denise and her son, Riley right outside the entrance. Denise is in town on some much needed vacation time. Ethan and Preston didn't want to wait in line to ride Kingdom quest. My boys and I jumped out of line but Denise and Riley stayed behind. Ethan and Preston went to the Lego City Play Zone. When I sat down there was a lady who looked familiar. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore, I think I freaked her out a little when I asked if she graduated from the high school she actually graduated from. Turns out she was a good friend of my older sister. I was shocked that I actually remembered her. Riley saw the 4D movie and wanted to see another one. This time the boys and I joined Riley and Denise. When we came out from watching Bob the Builder the place was packed! The kids didn't seem to mind. They played a little longer then we took them to the food court to get lunch.

Side note: I didn't just skip Ethan's soccer class, he is going to go on a different day this week.

In the evening it was time circus class! The boys were so excited. I love that while I'm doing yoga that I can hear the boys laughter from the next room. It really is relaxing. I know I said all of this last week but I'm really happy with the classes. Yes it is kind of a pain to get to downtown Dallas at 5:45 on a Monday but it is worth it. This week I got to hang upside down in some new positions. Turns out the boys got to hang upside down this week too.