It's my birthday!!

How does someone who LOVES saving money spend the day? Going shopping of course! Jen meet up with me and the boys this morning and we hit up some sales. She introduced me to an amazing cooking store called Sur la Table. I didn't actually buy anything but I'm defiantly have some items that I'm going to keep an eye on. Then we moved on to Bath and Body Works. I didn't go overboard because I know they are about to have their semi-annual sale coming up. For today's sale the store brought back some of the discontinued body washes, body lotions, and body splashes for $3.00 each! They also had some of their hand soap on sale for 75% off. My boys love the foam hand soap and I was able to pick some up for $1.50 each. Then the True Blue Spa line was all marked 50% off and I've been needed some more toe the line. Of course the BBW included a coupon to be used the next time and I got a survey which will give me $10 off my next $30 purchase. My next trip should be awesome!
Lunch was at Chick-fil-a (they have an indoor playground). Apparently several moms had the same thought because the playground area was crowded. Then it was time to head home for the boys to have nap time.

After the kids woke up we headed to Office Max. Office Max was having a fill the bag and receive 20% off your purchase. My favorite thing we go was a world globe. (Yes, Josh was able to fit it into the bag). The store had hung all of the sale tags that start tomorrow. We noticed that some of the pens we got rang up more expensive then we were expecting. Josh went back into the store and got a refund of almost nine dollars.
Less than $30

Egg rolls are better than chicken nuggets, mom!

Egg drop soup is better than my nuggets

I've got the whole world!