A long busy day!

The morning started off kind of slow, by noon it was in full force. I headed to Target to do a little couponing and to pick up birthday presents for the double birthday party Ethan was invited to that starts at one o'clock. Preston had already fell asleep for his afternoon nap before it was time to leave. Josh stayed home so that Preston could continue to sleep and Josh could work on his project.

The concept of the party was awesome! I'm sure on a day when the temperature is less than 100 degrees it would have been an awesome party. The second problem was it fell during Ethan's nap time. I don't know if there are words to describe how much fun it was to wrangle a 3 and 1/2 year old that was over heating and overtired. The one thing that Ethan wanted to do from the moment we arrived was to go down the bounce house slide that was there. When he finally got to play on it words couldn't describe his joy. The joy quickly turned into disappointment when he realized how hot the plastic on the slide was.

After the party Ethan went down for a quick nap. Preston woke up from his nap early. Which was okay because we needed to meet Josh's dad for a Father's day dinner. It was great seeing Bobby and and Will. The kids were just not really up for a sit down restaurant. After dinner we had some time to kill before heading to a pool party. We all headed over to Half price books. We found the most amazing books for the boys. Spider-man and Batman board books. Now if Preston gets Ethan's books we don't have to worry about them getting torn up. 

Tonight we stayed out late for us. The kids stayed up late, but it was worth it. I got to hang out with a friend, go Lauren, that I haven't really gotten to see over the past few years. I had kids and she ended up going back to school and getting her masters degree, basically we just got busy with life. Anyways she had a swimming party. I'm upset with myself because I had forgotten to bring my camera. There were some really cute moments that I wasn't able to capture.

Napping with daddy

Daddy sleeps hard!

Just like Aunt Monkey I tilt my head to be cute in a picture.

Me and my girl!

I'm hot!

I'm the cake helper!