Nothing planned!

Last night a storm came through. Nothing major just lots of lighting and thunder to wake everyone up. This morning none of us were moving very quickly. I was planning on taking the boys to the new exhibit at the Discovery Science Center in Frisco but the boys had other ideas. The boys just wanted to spend the morning doing art projects. Can I say how much I love the color wonder paints? I was able to let them paint and not worry about the entire house getting painted. Then Ethan decided he was done painting and wanted to do something crafty. I gave him stick glue and some buttons, pom-pom, and a paper sack to make a puppet but instead he wanted to build a rocket ship. Whatever floats his boat. He kept wanting more supplies. Finally I just gave him a bucket of supplies and let him go at it. The bucket was full of different type of papers with different textures, colored Popsicle sticks, stickers, and pipe cleaners. Everything ended up just being spread out all over the table.

Before we knew it, it  was time for lunch. That is when Ethan realized that we hadn't gone to the museum. I told him that it was to late we might go later if he takes a good nap. He ended up not falling asleep till almost 4:00 and the museum closes at 5:00 so we didn't make it today.

After dinner the boys wanted to do another art project. Then it degenerated into a massive crying fit. I know I should compose myself better in front of the boys. I'm just joking but the boys did have a melt down. I figured it was 7:00 we had been inside all day it was the perfect time to go run around outside. Josh helped put the bounce house up. Man it was so hot. The high today was 95 but the heat index (what the temperature feels like) was 102. It didn't slow the boys down at all. I kept trying to get the boys to come in but they weren't interested. I finally convinced them to go in after about 45 minutes.

Side note: This month I've had record number of hits to my blog. I've decided to have a contest! I'm going to award one of my public followers a $25 gift card if I hit 500 page views for the month (when I was typing this entry the monthly count is 456). I currently only have eight public followers and that includes myself and the other contributing editor which we are not eligible for the contest (sorry Tam).

Out of the big mess this was the finished product. I have no idea what it is.

Ethan's Robot

I lost my leg

Its hot!

Just hanging out

I'm hot!