Soccer and Circus class.

Ethan was a hand full this morning trying to get him ready to go to soccer. He kept saying that he didn't want to go. I was really worried when we got to the class how Ethan would act. He actually wouldn't even go onto the field so I made him sit right by the entrance of the field. He didn't want to sit there, I told him that he could go to his soccer class. Like that he was over his little attitude and did amazing during class.

Traffic in Dallas was insane today! It took forever to get to cirque class. Once we arrived the boys were excited and couldn't wait to get inside. I actually took my sweet time to get to my class just so that I could watch the boys a little. My teacher kicked my butt today. I'm going to be feeling the burn for a couple of days. I was the only one in the class after about the tenth time of being inverted I was getting too dizzy and asked if we could stay upright for a little while. She chuckled and asked if I was sure. Yep I'm air heady enough without all the blood rushing to it. Several times during class I would sneak peaks at how the boys were doing. At one point Ethan was in the silks and Preston was waiting against the wall patiently. When it was Preston's turn, Preston started clapping and ran over to the silks and did an little happy dance before he got in. After class there were two ladies waiting for the next class to start and they just went on about how adorable it was to watch the boys in their class. I really need to  get someone to video the boys in the class because it really is so much fun to watch. Once we got home the boys were still hyper about the cirque class. Ethan and Preston kept trying to show us the stretches and how to climb the wall to go into a handstand. Preston was jabbering and I couldn't make out everything that he was trying to tell me about the class but I do know they LOVE it.
I'm Super Hero Ethan defending the world from the evil pillows!!

Take that

Double fisting snack time

Ethan is in there

Preston's turn

Upside down Preston

I want to go again