Soccer and Swimming

This morning Josh was extremely hyper bouncing around the house getting himself ready for work. Josh kept letting me know that he needed to get to work early this morning because he had a meeting he needed to get ready for. I don't know if he didn't think I was moving fast enough or what but I finally just looked at him and said if you need to go you can leave at anytime. Josh didn't say anything but I could see the Oh that is right go across his face. Words could not describe how nice is was not to have to drive Josh to work this morning.

I really like the Wednesday coach. She told me that if Ethan wanted to join the class today he could. I told her that he was going to be in her 11:00. Ethan is used to waiting while Preston is in class. If Ethan thought one of the games looked like a lot of fun he would ask if he could join in. Ethan also helped clean up at the end of Preston's class. The coach also told me that if Preston wanted to join in Ethan's class that he could.

The facility that we use for Soccer Tots was having a soccer camp today. I was worried that the boys would be to distracted but the kids didn't even acknowledge the other class going on.

The boys woke up early from their naps. The afternoon the  boys spent running around the house. Then it was time for swimming. I'm still getting used to the new schedule and we got to swimming 30 minutes early. Oops, at least it was early and not late this time. I was busy with Preston so I didn't get to see how Ethan did. Preston rocked the class. The other kids still aren't sure about the class so they aren't really participating. Preston has the same teacher that he did last time so he isn't having the issues the other kids seem to. I asked  Preston before class if he wanted to try go down the big water slide today and he said yes. When the teacher asked I told her we would try the big one. Preston acted like he had done it a million times.

Later this summer we are going to Schlitterbahn water park in New Braunfels. My mom keeps saying that she will be glad to watch the boys in the kiddie pool while everyone else does the more exciting rides. After seeing how fearless Preston was going down the water slide I'm not sure the boys are going to want to stay in the kiddie areas.

Bunny hops

This is after nap time!

Attack of the killer duck!

It got Preston!!

Preston getting his revenge!

A quick jab to the eye!

Yummy Worms!!