Story time and movie night.

Last week there was mention of special guest at story time this week. The last time I went to a story time with a special guest it was a mad house. With the last guest they ran out of 10:00 tickets and people had to wait for the 11:00 story time. We have been going to the 11:00 but I wanted to make sure we got in so we headed out for the 10:00 story time. There wasn't the madness this time which was very nice. It turns out the special guest was from a music school that was trying to promote their school.

I when I picked up reading logs for the boys, I was informed the library is also doing a summer reading program for adults. I picked up a log for Josh. Now I'm thinking that I should have picked up one for myself. I guess I can next week. Right now I'm reading Point, Click, and Save by Rachel Singer Gordon. It is very similar to Shop Smart, Save More by Teri Gault. The biggest difference is Point, Click, and Save focuses isn't just on groceries but also was to make money online.

Ethan is loving adding books to his log. Right now, Preston actually has more books on his log then Ethan. Preston gets so excited to bring a book to me and curling up in my lap and getting read to.

The boys each picked out a couple of books for the week. I also picked up a movie. Josh and I decided that since tomorrow is going to be crazy busy and this past week has been busy we need a quite night at home.