To be or not to be!

Today was all about getting ready for Shakespeare in the Park! We started the day off by going to Central Market to get so fresh fruit and cheese for the picnic. Then we headed to my parent's home. HomeGoods opened up at near where my parents live. HomeGoods is owned by TjMaxx, basically it is a TjMaxx that just has things for the home cheap. The store was so crowded

Then we headed to Leslie's which is a pool supply store but has this chairs that are great for picnics they are low so we wouldn't block anyone's view of the stage. The first one we stopped at was sold out. The store was nice enough to call another store to find out if they had any. Thank goodness they did.

It was back to my parents to have a quick dinner and get everything pack. My mom had checked the website for the time the gates opened. Turns out my mom messed up. She told us 6:00 we didn't get there till 6:15 and we pulled up I was said something isn't right. Turns out general admissions didn't open up till 7:30. Oops. Thank goodness there was a playground near by and we just played until it was time to go in. Turns out that was a great plan because the boys were worn out when it was time for the play to begin. Ethan did great he sat and watched the whole show. Preston started getting fussy towards the end and my parents took him for a little walk.