I swear that I was sober when I wrote this. Exhausted but sober!

About fifteen minutes before it was time to leave for soccer I got a call saying that not enough kids signed up so today's class is canceled. Well that just stinks because the boys were already starting to bounce off the walls. I was scrambling to come up with a new plan. That is when I remembered that Cinemark has the dollar movies. Thank goodness I live close to four different theaters. Some of the movies started at 9:00am, a couple others at 9:30 it would be tight to be able to make it, then there was one at 10:00 perfect! I started to get the boys ready to  get out the door then asked to go to the museum. Okay that works too. We headed to the Sci-Tech Discovery Center.

Josh and I have been talking about getting annual pass for the Discovery Center I finally broke down and got one today.  The boys were so well behaved! It was so relaxing. We were there for an hour and half and the only reason we left was because the boys were hungry. We got home and I was getting the boys refills and such when the door bell rang. It was my Sit and Stand stroller that I had ordered. I quickly put it together and instantly wanted to kick myself for not buying one a year ago. The boys couldn't wait to try it out. It is going to be perfect for our trip. It is the same size as our big strollers but both boys can fit into it. Preston was not happy when I had to take him out for nap time.

As soon as the boys woke up they climbed into the stroller and wanted to go somewhere. The boys wanted to go the park but the temperature was over 100 degrees. Instead we headed to a neighborhood shaved ice place. Once we got home Ethan declared it is the best stroller ever. When Josh came home Ethan and Preston went running up to him to and said thank you for the new stroller and gave him hugs and kisses.

Thank goodness we still had swimming tonight. Ethan earned a jump, turn, swim ribbon. What that means is he is able to jump into the pool, turn around, swim back to the wall, and pull himself out. Wendy's is giving a free frosty for the kids that earn this ribbon. While Preston was still in class, Ethan and Josh went across the parking lot to get Ethan's frosty. Preston did great during his swim class.

After we got home the boys wanted to take the stroller out for another spin. This time we did go to the park. It was still very warm but not completely intolerable.

Lets play with the same blocks that we have a home.

So glad that I paid so you guys can play with something that we have at home.

Awesome they finally found something that we don't own.

Check out my balls.

seriously look

I'm learning something. Not really sure what but it looks impressive.

Wow this is magic sand water doesn't stick to it.

Preston checking out the action

Oooh shinny!

Sweet thermal paper.

We don't have a clue what we are doing but it looks impressive!

Cars, ramp, This I understand!

Preston check this out there are a lot of buttons over here!

There are lots of buttons!

More buttons!

We are going to be science geeks!

This has cranks and balls!

This makes lots of noise! Of course I love it!

Pipes, magnets, and balls.

Mom this is AWESOME!

Mom it is time for my nap and I don't want to get out of the stroller.


Best day ever!

Should I worry that Josh is on a pole?

Check out my sexy legs!

This is how I roll!