The drive home!

Are family vacation is over the car is loaded and we hit the road. Nothing exciting happened. There was a small finder bender. I've seen worst in parking lots. There was a space ship building that was saw and some dome playhouses. We picked up Thai food for dinner. Let the boys watch a little TV then off to bed.

I was just about to blog about how nice it was to have an uneventful day. Then I heard Ethan crying. *sigh* I went running up to his room and went to check on him and felt something warm and runny on his pillow. I freaked out and thought it was blood until Josh flipped the light to expose what I really stuck my hand in. Ethan had tossed his cookies or as a previous employer would have me call it, a protein spill. Before we could react he started again. I though I was going to reenact the famous pie scene in Stand By Me. I can handled pee and poop but I don't handle protein spills at all. It isn't that I freak out, just I will get sick as well then I have a bigger mess to clean up. Which will cause me to get sick again. Josh took all the dirty sheets and put them into the washer while I calmed Ethan down and got him cleaned up and into clean pjs. I guess I won't be doing the 8:00 work out with Josh after all. Darn. Because I love morning, especially when they happen about noon and I've have had several cups of very strong coffee!!