ECI and swimming

The boys are officially back to 100% normal. Okay, normal for my family. I'm only running about 70%, my energy level just hasn't come back yet. This morning started off with Preston's speech therapy. He was more chatty than the last time. However Ethan kept trying to get the attention on him.

We were suppose to meet up with a friend at Ikea today, but I didn't see her post when she was going to be there till 45 minutes after she was there. I tried to rush the boys out the door but it just didn't work. Then again we are feeling better but I would die if some how we gave another family the nasty, nasty virus we just had to deal with. The worst part was seeing and knowing how much pain the boys were in.

We ended up just hanging out around the house. Ethan didn't actually fall asleep at nap time during dinner he got extremely cranky and wanted to go to bed. He was asleep in just a mater of minutes and missed swimming tonight. Preston was excited to go to swimming and went and found goggles and put them on when he saw Josh and I getting the swimming bag ready. 

I'll fix dad's chair right up.

Ty Pennington eat your hear out

A boy and his tools

and his bracelets

I make this look cool

Okay they are really rubber bands

Rocking the goggles at swimming

(Josh took the swimming pictures)